Our Board

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Governors who are also members of the Foundation. This year the following individuals are providing leadership by serving on our Board of Governors.

voting members

Nigel is a former chair of Christian Horizons International and a board member for Christian Horizons International for a number of years. He is a retired Chief Federal Negotiator, Aboriginal Land Claims. Nigel & his wife, Wendy, have a daughter who resides in a Christian Horizons home in Ottawa, Ontario. 

Amanda Macdougall


Amanda brings broad public sector expertise to our Board. Beginning her career at Christian Horizons, she then spent 10 years at various provincial government ministries. Currently the South Western Ontario Regional Manager for Municipal and Stakeholder Relations at MPAC. Amanda lives with her husband and three boys in Cambridge Ontario.

Cliff Martz


Lynn Hazlett


NoN-voting members

Janet Noel-Annable

CEO, Christian Horizons

Janet Noel-Annable is the Chief Executive Officer of Christian Horizons.

Angelica DeVos


Angelica DeVos is the Chief Financial Officer of Christian Horizons.

Marius Lamprecht


Marius Lamprecht is the Business Resource Manager at Christian Horizons.