Global Projects

The Christian Horizons Foundation provides funding to the ongoing work of Christian Horizons in Canada and around the world . We fund projects that further the vision, are strategic in nature, and that can not be funded by governmental grants.

Inclusive Education:

Ninety percent of children with disabilities in the developing world do not have access to education. We believe all children, regardless of ability, have God-given gifts and should have access to education to reach their full potential. We believe all children benefit from learning in an inclusive environment that welcomes children of all abilities. With a major focus on supporting students with disabilities in our global work, inclusive education is key. In each country, we have an approach that matches the needs.

Recent Impact

For the greater part of 2020 and 2021, our education programs have been disrupted due to COVID-19. This has meant thatin many communities in the countries where we work, the teachers have gone unpaid.

I am glad to say that this has not been the case in our programs as in all places the teachers received at least partial pay(ranging from half-time salaries to full-time) as we equipped them to provide worksheets for children touse remotely. This has allowed us to retain the teachers in our programs as so many others needed to findnew ways to support their families. Thank you for allowing us to support these teachers and communities.This will help us retain the momentum that has been built. We have invested in teacher training anddevelopment. Our partner leaders are glad that they were able to hold on to the teachers from a projectperspective and on a human level, they are glad they were able to support their neighbours.

Our partners in Ethiopia work with specially-trained educators who are present in the classroom or athome with the student, depending on the child’s specific needs.

1. Existing committed education programs (3,211 children in 2021)

2. One-time pilot projects with like-minded partners.

3. Larger, single, or multi-year capacity-building projects with long term partners.

Inclusive Development:

In communities where poverty has increased vulnerability, it is often those with disabilities who are the most vulnerable. Christian Horizons Foundation supports economic programs designed to build capacity for individuals in need including those who have disabilities.

Hiwot’s Story

Before Christian Horizons started sponsoring 18-year old Hiwot, her mother, Welela, could not work because she had to stay home to care for her daughter due to her severe disability. Now, because of Hiwot’s child sponsorship, she can attend school, and her mother can work to gain financial independence. At Hiwot’s inclusive school, she is learning to write with her feet and has found belonging with a community of friends who experience similar needs. Sponsorship has made a great change in Hiwot’s life but for a child with Hiwot’s level of needs, extra support is required. Hiwot attends the Child Development Unit where she gets the specialized support she needs. Each year we need to raise over $35,000 to help include students like Hiwot in Horizons Academy. Due to the pandemic, Hiwot has been at home where a special education teacher continues to support her and her family.